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Swim Spa Series
새 제품

공장 저렴한 가격 수영장 물 장비 카트리지 필터

1) 작고 가벼운
2) 자외선 방지 탱크
3) 쉬운 서비스
4) 튼튼한 링 잠금 덮개로 카트리지 요소를 쉽게 청소하고 교체 할 수 있습니다.
5) 필터 탱크 내부의 갇힌 공기를 쉽게 제거 할 수있는 스크류 타입 에어 블 리더
6) 고품질 오일 충전 압력계
  • 제품 번호.:

    cartridge filter
  • 지불:

    30% deposit for production,70% paid before de
  • 제품 원산지:

  • 색:

    same as the photo
  • 배송 포트:

  • 리드 타임:

    10-20days after get deposite
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제품 상세 정보

공장 저렴한 가격 수영장 물 장비 카트리지 필터


이 카트리지 필터는 작고 가볍습니다. 자외선 차단 탱크는 태양의 파손을 방지 할 수 있습니다. 최대 압력은 350kPa / 50psi입니다.


1) 작고 가벼운

2) 자외선 방지 탱크

3) 쉬운 서비스

4) 튼튼한 링 잠금 덮개로 카트리지 요소를 쉽게 청소하고 교체 할 수 있습니다.

5) 필터 탱크 내부의 갇힌 공기를 쉽게 제거 할 수있는 스크류 타입 에어 블 리더

6) 고품질 오일 충전 압력계


1. 최대 작동 압력 : 250kPa / 36psi / 2.5bar

2. 공장 시험 압력 : 400kPa / 58psi / 4.0bar

3. 규사의 크기 : 0.5-1.0mm

4. 최대 여과 속도 : 50cbm / h / sq

5. 최대 수온 : 40도

pool cartridge filter

pool filter

swimming pool equipment 기술적 특성

종이 카트리지 풀 필터 / 물 처리 용 카트리지

최대 작동 압력 300kPa / 50psi / 3.5bar
최대 유량 5.5m3 / h-40.9m3 / h
밸브 연결 1.5inch 50mm / 2inch 63mm
필터 영역 2.25m2-16.83m2
최대 수온 40 ° C (100 ° F)




1.5 "유니온 세트가있는 25ft2 카트리지 필터


1.5 "유니온 세트가있는 50ft2 카트리지 필터


1.5 "유니온 세트가있는 75ft2 카트리지 필터


2 "유니온 세트가있는 100ft2 카트리지 필터


2 "유니온 세트가있는 150ft2 카트리지 필터


2 "유니온 세트가있는 200ft2 카트리지 필터


제목 : 공장 저렴한 가격 수영장 물 장비 카트리지 필터

관련 상품
  • 수영장 카트리지 필터 수영장 카트리지 필터

    지하 및 지상 수영장에 적합한 카트리지 필터.

  • Pikes Brand Factory Price Small Plastic Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaning Tool for Water Treatment Used in Swimming Pools & Spas

    Pikes Brand Factory Price Small Plastic Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaning Tool for Water Treatment Used in Swimming Pools & Spas Cartridge filtration is an effective trouble-free proven method of filtration. Pool water enters the filter and passes through a polyester single element cartridge. Suspended particles are trapped and the water is returned to the pool. As the build-up of dirt in the element increases, so the water pressure rises and the flow decreases. When the pressure reaches an unacceptable level, the element must be removed and cleaned. Product Description More Products Company Profile

  • Underwater GRB Light No.6004 for pool Decor

    Even lighting, steady brightness, and no indications of flickering For increased durability, the back cover is longer and thicker. Maximal light transmission and coverage are ensured by a high beam angle.

  • China Factory New Style 5 Person Hydro Spa Pool Hot Tub Combo With 42 Spa Jets

    1. USA Ariestech Acrylic. 2. All the jet and seats are designed according to ergonomics(Artificial body). Suit for European size. 3. Most of company use ABS material for the base bottom. We are using Gelcoat + Fiberglass + Polyester Resin. 1. Customized jets or pump. 2. Customized water outlet, hot/cold water inlet. 3. Customized electric part. (Install all the electric parts in one side, convenient and easy for future replacement)

  • Hot Sale Underwater Pool Light Swim Pool Waterproof IP68 Led Swimming Pool Light

    Products Description 1. material: ABS+ UV stabilizer+AISI-304 2.Cable: 2.5m 3.Waterproof: IP68 4.underwater swimming pool light installation: Wall Mounted(flat type) Material ABS+UV Available: 1.100W/12V Halogen Light Bulb 2.144LED Bulbs 15W/12V (white color /Auto color change) 3.252LED Bulbs 25W/12V (white color /Auto color change) 4.LED9*1W/12V (white color /Auto color change) 5.LED12*1W/12V (white color /Auto color change) 6.LED18*1W/12V (white color /Auto color change) Cable:2*1.5mm2*1.5m waterproof standard:IP68 Light source SMD 2835 LED CREE LED/BRIDGELUX LED power 10W,144 pcs Led bulds 18w,252 pcs Led bulds 35w,441 pcs Led bulds 12w,12 pcs Led bulds 18w,18 pcs Led bulds 24w,24 pcs Led bulds color white,6000-6500k warm white.2800-3200k blue,λ=465-470nm RGB white,6000-6500k warm white.2800-3200k blue,λ=465-470nm RGB voltage 12V/24V AC/DC 12V/24V AC/DC Lighting angle 120° 45° Working temperature From -20° to 45° Product packaging Recommend Products Our Service Our Advantages 1) High quality with Low Price 2) Delivery in time 3) Vibration resistant Easy to transport and install 4) Body with excellent thermal managing design 5) Different colors for your select Payment Terms 1 ) Payment:30% in advance,+70% balance should be paid before delivery. 2 ) Lead time:1x20ft for 15 days;1x40ft for 20 days 3 ) Port of loading:guangzhou,Mainland china. 4 ) Discounts are offered based on order quantities. FAQ Q: Are you trading company or factory manufacturer? A: We are factory manufacturer,our factory about 30,000 square meters. Q: How long is the production period? A: In general, it takes about 15-20 days. Q: How about the MOQ? A: MOQ is 1pc. Q: Hong long is the warranty? A: The warranty is 1 year. Q: What is the payment term? A: 30%T/T deposit before production and ,70%T/T before shippment.

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  • Five Star Project Bendable Aluminum Alloy Swimming Piscina Pool Grating

    Five Star Project Bendable Aluminum Alloy Swimming Pool Grating Self-produced aluminum alloy customized grating from Guangdong Kasdaly Pool Spa Equipment Co.,ltd. High quality and competitive price. OEM and ODM are available. Welcome to get the offer from us! Product Details Project Company Profile Certifications

  • Joyspa JY8002 Outdoor 6 Person USA Acrylic Hot Tub

    2880X2200X950mm best buy swim spa plant,best buy buy spa pool plant from JOYSPA


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